Help! I’ve plateaued and I can’t get the weight down.

Well the last time I wanted to lose some weight I did, but only 10-15 pounds then a dramatic halt came up.  I hit a wall! Progress had stopped.  I had reached a plateau.  Has this ever happened to you?

I plan on talking about stress management a little for the rest of the year, but primarily I am going to focus on “health body” stuff this fall.  I have a little weight to lose before my winter hibernation and so I want to share my secrets with you.

This first series is going to be on plateaus, for the benefit of those of you who have been losing weight this summer and you’re stuck.  This is such an important topic for someone trying to lose weight.

There is nothing more frustrating than to try and try to do your best and you’re losing and then everything stops.  Before you throw in the towel please realize that weight loss takes work and it’s not perfect.

If you have been cutting calories and exercising and you’re not losing the pounds the way you have been, then you have probably plateaued.

 One tip I like to do and share with my clients is: be sure you are eating enough calories.  Eating too little will actually hinder your weight loss.  Are you counting calories?  If so, never eat less than 1200 calories a day.  If you do eat less than 1200 your body thinks it’s going into a starvation mode and it holds on to every calorie, slowing your metabolism.

Another trick is to eat well and eat often.  Eating well should include a wide variety of foods.  Mix it up and try foods you have never eaten before.  There are a lot of fruits and vegetables available, but I must admit unless I get stuck on a plateau I don’t mix it up either.  I stick to asparagus, broccoli, apples, squash, zucchini, corn and bananas.  You know the usual boring foods…but they are good for you.  This year when I reach my plateau – and I know I will – I’m going to try to mix it up.

Let me tell you what I mean by “mix it up.”   There are a large amount of lean proteins, including non-meat sources like tofu and legumes.  All of the grains you eat should be from whole, unrefined foods like whole-wheat breads and pasta and brown rice.  Have you ever been to the world healthiest foods web site?  Trust me, you will know variety after visiting that site.

Eat often; every three to four hours is often enough.  This helps raise and stabilize your metabolic rate and energy.  Until you get used to packing snacks at your desk or in your purse it will feel like a hassle.  Just start to do it and eventually you will get used to snacking.  One more note on snacks…Make the snack between your main meals just 200-300 calories at one time.

After exercise be sure to “re-fuel” with a balanced snack or a meal with 30 minutes to two hours after you stop exercising.  This is one thing that I am bad about.  I forget that I just spent a boatload of calories on energy for my mile walk.  So I will need to get better about that as well.

am good about hydration.   Are you?  Here is a tip:  Drink a bottle of Gatorade (G2) it is low calorie and “replenishes your vital nutrients and energy you need.”  At least that’s what it says on this bottle I’m drinking right now.  Afterwards when all that G2 is gone, fill the bottle back up with water and drink it over the next two hours.  If you’re exercising pretty regularly the standard “8 cups” of H2O may not be enough for you.

I hope this helps, come back soon and I will post more on plateaus.  More you say?  Yep, there is a lot to talk about when discussing plateaus.  It’s a serious problem when it comes to helping you reach your weight loss goal.

Wellness Matters for life

Life Coach Doug

God bless you.


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