Plateau part 3

Briefly finishing up my blogs on plateaus, I wanted to stress variation.  Your muscles are very efficient at doing the job you have been asking them to do for a while.  This is known as muscle memory. Doing something different is very challenging and you should try to do something different each new workout.  You will burn more calories and build lean muscle in the mean time.  Keep this tip in mind whether you’re doing aerobic exercise or strength training

Change up cardio…if you walk, try cycling. If you do kickboxing, try the elliptical.  Swimming, hiking, and fitness videos are some other ways for cardio.  Anything to get you heart rate up.

Personally, I like walking and playing Wii (especially tennis).  The walking I do is routine but with the Wii I can do a lot of different type activities and it also keeps it interesting.  If you don’t like working out, let me suggest buying a Wii…great investment.

Be sure to add minutes when you start saying this exercise is pretty easy…what’s everybody griping about?

Mixing up strength training looks like this…if you’re using machines, move to free-weights.  If you’re using body weights, try resistance bands.

There are lots of ways to add variety to your workouts—and it’s SO important that you do to continue losing weight and improving your fitness level. By always challenging yourself, you will avoid hitting a plateau in the first place, and overcome the one you’re stuck in now.

My next blog I want to talk about coffee and depression.  Have you heard the news?  Good luck on changing things up.  If you get stuck on that plateau…get in contact with me.  I’ll be happy to help.

Wellness Matters for Life

Life Coach Doug


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