Concerns for an Overweight World

My schedule seems to be a little more crowded these days…can you relate?  So, for awhile I will ask you to hold me accountable for writing a new blog and posting on Mondays and Thursdays each week, starting this week.

I have been reading in the news a lot lately about how people in this world are getting larger and it concerns me.  Not only for the initial health risk people are causing for themselves, but I also have more of a concern where we are spiritually.  I don’t believe we are relying on God for our strength to get us through the trials that we face each day.

In fact, Jesus said Himself… in this world we will have trouble, but be courageous. (John 16:33)  You see He did not come to stop the pain or the stress; He came to help us and He will be there for us so that we may turn to Him in times of need…in place of turning to food.  So each day I like to start fresh and turn it over to Him.  I expect Him to be there to help and He is.  I hope you have this belief too.

Did you read this weekend that the US is not the only place dealing with obesity?

Denmark on Saturday imposed a “fat tax” on the people of that country.  Apparently, the way it will work is if you purchase food with high saturated fat content you will be paying a lot more for it.  This is believed to be the world’s first “fat food” tax.  In an effort to combat obesity and heart disease in Denmark you can expect to pay the tax on foods with more than 2.3 percent saturated fats. I believe this is the way the “official” document reads. The new tax of 16 kroner ($2.90) per kilogram (2.2 pounds) of saturated fat in a product will be levied on foods like butter, milk, cheese, pizza, oils and meat.  “Higher fees on sugar, fat and tobacco is an important step on the way toward a higher average life expectancy” Denmark’s health minister said.

Also, I read this weekend where the world now has more people dying with obesity than malnutrition for the first time in history. WOW!

There were 1.5 billion dangerously overweight people worldwide last year, while 925 million were underfed, according to the Red Cross.

Here is my mantra today…One battle at a time…one person at a time…one day and even one meal at a time.

We love to eat.  I used to joke around and say. ”I love to chew food.”  And you know that’s not far from the truth.  I like to taste food.  Seemingly a lot of us do.

But, here is the catch.  A lot of people, I’m not naming names, you know who you are, do a lot of emotional eating.  Is that you or someone you know?

I have clients who eat when they are depressed.  They eat when they’re happy.  They eat when they are stressed.  We use food for therapy.  We need to get back to using food for a nutritional and energy source and that’s it.

I would love to get comments and feedback from you on this.  If you are comfortable leaving a comment here on the blog or if you would like to write me personally drop me a line at      I will talk to you again this Thursday.

Strive for wellness

Wellness Matter for Life

Life Coach Doug


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